Posted on by Princess Neugent

1. Rayon is a man made fabric blend that consists of wood pulp, cotton, and some other synthetic and natural fibers. It was created as a more affordable option to silk. It's super lightweight and the thin fibers allow it to breathe more easily so it doesn't stick to your body.

2. Linen is usually one of everybody's top choices for summer. It is also light and absorbs moisture but dries pretty quickly, which keeps you dry and cool.

3. Cotton is the top pick for hot weather because it is so affordable and everywhere. It's lightweight, soft, and allows heat to escape your body easily to stay cool. Its only downfall is if you sweat alot, it will soak up the moisture and become wet and heavy.

4. Jersey is a another lightweight material, that is blended, and super stretchy. It usually makes for really comfortable and nicely fitted maxi dresses and skirts.

5. Chambray is basically a imitation denim. Its absorbs sweat and breathable like cotton, but it's a lot lighter than actual denim.